raenenikki: The worm from Labyrinth saying 'Allo! (Default)
raenenikki ([personal profile] raenenikki) wrote2009-05-03 04:00 am

First post from DW! :)

So... never did much with icons. In fact, I've only had the one over at LJ for ages now. XD As long as I've had that journal, that's been it.

However, I rewatched Labyrinth last night. Well, most of it. Rather sudden and severe thunderstorm spawned power flickers. So, everything unplugged, and an early (for me) attempt at sleeping. XD Tonight, though, all's calm... and I went Labyrinth icon hunting.

I found an actual Labyrinth icon community on LJ, where I did pick up a few Laby icons that grabbed me and a couple from other fandoms as well. So, yay! I ended up with a few too many for the 6 slots allowed at DW, though. Sadness. :(

I should go attempt sleep now, since I have to be back at work in... 5 1/2 hours. Bah to morning shifts. Bah, I say! Interferes with my sleep schedule. XD

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